Rise Up for Your Community with a Fitness Franchises Brand Designed to Make a Difference

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Let’s be honest—getting fit and being healthier can be a challenge. There’s a lot of information online about how to lose weight, be healthier, build muscle, lose fat, and more. It can be hard to wade through, which leads many people to turn to a fitness franchise for real help.

This leads people to their next hurdle: picking from all the fitness gym franchises out there. The fitness industry is full of so many fitness centers and personal training options that even knowing where to start can be overwhelming.
For investors interested in fitness franchise opportunities, it can be equally overwhelming to know which are the most profitable fitness franchises, and which health and fitness franchises are based on a business model that will be viable for years to come.

The RiseUp Fitness Franchises Brand  Philosophy

RiseUp Fitness grew out of a need for community in the fitness world. It seems among the big gym franchise brands (Anytime Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness, etc.), the focus is on how many members can be squeezed into the doors and sold fitness training services.

While that’s an understandable model in the competitive fitness industry, that’s not how we at RiseUp Fitness feel our guests and members will reach their best or healthiest selves.
We’re about helping people get fit at any age or fitness level, and we do so by meeting our members where they are in their fitness journey.

We also understand that when people have the support they need on an individual, group, and instructor level, they’re far more likely to reach their fitness goals. So we created a gym franchise around building a community with small group classes (no more than 24 members in each class) that are engaging, dynamic, low impact, and high intensity to be challenging yet safe for all fitness levels.

Our vision is to create a community of fit, hardworking, relentlessly determined individuals to show our community what it means to truly live up to our fullest potential and help spread our message. We want to create global awareness of the benefits of fitness and health-minded communities.

We use high-intensity interval training, weight and resistance training, and ever-changing workouts to keep it fresh, exciting, and challenging for our members. Pairing a full-body workout with MyZone and InBody scan technologies gives our members the tools they need to see both immediately and long-term how their bodies perform and the progress they’re making.

This is a story of three fitness professionals who shared a vision of a better way to help people reach their fitness goals and improve their overall well-being.

The RiseUp Fitness Franchises Beginning

The fitness industry is projected to grow to $434 billion by 2028.

While investing in a growing health and fitness industry is important, it’s not the only reason Kyle Visin, Addie Clarke, and Emily Foley have created a standout fitness brand that’s well-positioned to embrace the current and projected industry demand via a streamlined, strategically designed franchise business model.

Kyle, Addie, and Emily encourage all to RiseUp to the best local workout while encouraging business builders to do the same in their communities. The more RiseUp Fitness locations there are, the more people we can help, and the more passionate fitness enthusiasts can become part of our goals for global health transformation.

At RiseUp Fitness, we are changing how people think about getting fit. We take away the intimidation factor and unhealthy competitive nature of the typical gym experience, replacing it with healthy, supportive fitness challenges in a safe space to exercise and be a part of a community.

The RiseUp Fitness concept is to build a challenging, supportive, beautiful movement that should be available in every community.

Our Franchise Model

That’s where the RiseUp Fitness program comes in. Through an incredible franchise opportunity, new franchisees can create new RiseUp Fitness communities in their designated territories. More locations means we are reaching and helping more people.

If you are passionate about fitness, health, and wellness, a franchise with RiseUp Fitness is a way to provide meaningful work and benefits to others while creating a fulfilling professional future for yourself.

Our History

The first Rise Up Fitness location opened its doors in Santa Barbara, California in July 2018, and we’ve been thrilled with the results.

Our philosophy to offer group fitness classes in small sizes paired with technology that helps our members track their heart rate, calories burned, and points earned has been a game changer. Our members can maximize their potential every minute of every workout. InBody scans offer insights into body composition and improvements few other gym franchises can promise.

Our second location opened in Goleta in July of 2021, and we’ve been growing so well, we haven’t looked back.

To keep up with demand and offer the high level of customer service that sets RiseUp Fitness apart from other gym brands, franchising is the logical next step for us.

Now is the perfect time to get in on the ground floor of the future of fitness clubs with RiseUp Fitness, one of the best gym franchises for technology and community building!

How to Choose the Best Fitness Franchises Brand

When looking for a fitness franchise for sale, investors should consider both the brand’s philosophy and the financial commitment they’re about to make. That’s why RiseUp Fitness is such an exceptional fitness company concept.

RiseUp Fitness is a boutique fitness studio in a unique position—our business model is accessible to everyone:

  • For guests and members alike, we’re approachable and inclusive so that we can help people of all fitness levels. We are a judgment-free zone.
  • For investors, we’re affordable, not just in terms of initial franchise fees, but also in the size of our studios, the cost of our build-out, and the ultimate outlay of capital.

What Investors Can Expect with RiseUp Fitness Franchises Brand

Site Selection

We keep our investment affordable by not creating enormous gyms with tons of cardio equipment, strength training equipment, locker room services, or other exercise equipment.

RiseUp Fitness classes do well in smaller studios requiring only 1,700 to 1,900 square feet of workout space. Including room for reception, restrooms, storage, a washer and dryer, and optional office space, and investors are set. This means RiseUp Fitness locations fit well where many big box gyms cannot go.

Extensive Training

New franchise owners start training with 7 days at our flagship gym in California, followed by 4 days on-site at their studio in a group setting with our team during their site launch.

Technology Tools

We love technology, so we’ve employed the latest software and programs to ensure running a RiseUp Fitness location is as seamless as possible so franchisees can concentrate on their members.

Comprehensive Resources

We provide all the tools we can to give our franchisees the best shot at success. Our confidential operations manual is just one way we ensure daily access to the answers and support required to make RiseUp Fitness a powerhouse in the fitness franchise industry.

Cohesive Branded Marketing

With branded marketing collateral and digital marketing campaigns, we can help build the RiseUp Fitness business in each community. It’s all a cohesive strategy that elevates our message across all our locations.

The RiseUp Fitness Investment

We’re seeking qualified investors who are passionate about the health and fitness industry and are interested in a fitness franchise concept that’s on the cusp of potentially becoming one of the top fitness franchises in the industry. You don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast to qualify.

The estimated initial investment to become a RiseUp Fitness franchisee ranges between $233,683 and $359,427. This includes the franchise fee of $50,000 and a minimum liquid capital of $150,000. More detailed information on performance and monthly gross sales, average location revenues, and additional fees can be found in our Franchise Disclosure Document Items 7 and 19.

If you’ve always loved health clubs and this sounds like a great chance to join a brand whose fitness services you believe in, contact us to get started right away! Are you ready to RiseUp?