Looking for Gyms for Sale? Look No Further than RiseUp Fitness

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The fitness industry is constantly evolving. When it comes to gyms for sale, investors and passionate fitness entrepreneurs have multiple angles to consider:

  • The science behind fitness, nutrition, and health
  • The trends in exercise and how gym enthusiasts respond to those trends
  • How technology enhances fitness
  • The social aspect and community spirit of the gym

The more expertise a fitness entrepreneur can achieve with these attributes, the better the chances of creating a thriving fitness center.

The Health of the Fitness Industry

According to the market research firm IBISWorld, the U.S. revenue for gyms and health & fitness clubs in 2023 was $31.2 billion 1.

Fitness industry-related businesses grew to just over 115,000 in 2023, up from near the 113,000 mark the previous two years 2.

While the COVID lockdowns did see many fitness brands either stop offering their franchise gyms for sale or close many locations altogether, the industry has rebounded since the lockdowns have lifted. In a survey 3 conducted by the IHRSA, the Global Health & Fitness Association, 80% of respondents anticipated a 5% growth in both membership and revenue in 2023.

The MindBody 2023 Wellness Index 4 found a renewed focus on wellness in 2023 among American adults in their survey. 78% said wellness was more important than ever, and 40% said they use physical activity to support their mental well-being.

These expectations and responses bode well for investors considering gyms for sale and growing fitness businesses in the U.S.

What Are the Stand-Out Gyms for Sale?

You might wonder what kinds of gyms for sale are the best investments in the current fitness climate. Is it the big box chain gyms or a boutique-style gym? Or is the best investment a CrossFit gym for sale or something similar that concentrates on a workout style?

Maybe it’s neither.

Like it or not, the pandemic taught us a lot about our fitness priorities. People learned they didn’t need a gym to work out. Likewise, we discovered how lonely it is to work out at home. We adapted our equipment needs and figured out what parts of our gym experience we didn’t want to live without—people and technology.

Gyms with Community

Research shows that working out with others is more effective 5 than working out alone. If a group of friends enters a weight loss program together, they’re 95% more likely to complete the program. For those entering the same weight loss program alone, only 76% of them will reach the end. The group of friends is also 42% more likely to keep the weight they lost off for the long term.

The community spirit in a gym is a source of motivation, accountability, and camaraderie for members. They’re more likely to attend scheduled classes, keep to their fitness routines, and stay involved when they’re part of a fitness group.

Additionally, that same community spirit can make gyms for sale a valuable investment choice for entrepreneurs interested in growing their portfolio in the fitness industry. A thriving fitness brand with enthusiastic brand ambassadors to help spread the marketing messaging is a powerful tool.

Gyms with Technology

Modern-day gym members have dialed into their health and wellness more than ever thanks to technology. Much of it comes in the form of wearables. The most common are fitness trackers that monitor heart rate, calories burned, distance, and time.

The more savvy gyms for sale will understand how to use technology and maximize its benefits to give members every advantage to achieve their fitness goals.

A great example is the MyZone tracking app. Gyms for sale like RiseUp Fitness include this tech in the membership, along with an InBody scan as a baseline starting point. From the beginning, members can see where they’ve started, where they’re going, and how they’re progressing over time.

With MyZone, members can track their workouts in the moment on screens that show their fitness stats and intensity levels, so they can see how hard they’re pushing and where they can give just a little bit more.

The InBody scans give body composition, which is much more meaningful than a person’s weight. The scan shows what makes up a person’s weight by showing its components: fat, protein, minerals, and body water for a healthier look at overall health.

Multiple scans over time can show changes to fat mass, muscle mass, and body fat percentage.

Any gym for sale with this technology gives its members a leg up on big box or single-focus workout gyms.

Is There a Gym for Sale that Has Both? Yes!

RiseUp Fitness uses both the MyZone fitness app and InBody scanning for members to get the most out of their membership. Combined with our nutrition challenges, we have everything our members need to change their lives and achieve their fitness goals.

With such support for our members, it stands to reason we’d also support investors and owners/operators of our gyms for sale. Each franchise owner receives:

  • Comprehensive training, including seven days at our flagship location in California, plus members of our team join you on-site at your location for four days for your grand opening
  • Expert advice for site selection and build-out of your studio based on demographic data and experience opening RiseUp Fitness locations
  • Technology tools and training to smoothly and efficiently operate your RiseUp Fitness studio
  • Marketing support and professional campaign collateral in conjunction with corporate campaigns carefully built to attract new members and spread the word about your RiseUp Fitness studio in your area
  • Confidential and proprietary documentation and resources in our operations manual to assist with day-to-day operations for everything you need to run smoothly, as well as access to our franchise team to answer your questions and support you on an ongoing basis
  • At RiseUp Fitness, our business development model is a key component of our franchise, and we’ve created its scripts and protocols through first-hand experience and next-level marketing. We’re thrilled to share these processes with our franchise owners to help with promotion, business growth, and membership retention.

Are you ready to RiseUp and invest in a gym for sale that’s changing people’s lives? Contact us to get started!

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