Turn Your Personal Trainer Business into a Brick and Mortar Franchise

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Elevate your career as a fitness instructor by integrating your personal trainer business with a thriving fitness franchise. With advanced technology and marketing support, you can reach new levels of success and make a lasting impact in the industry. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for unprecedented growth and achievement.

Scaling Your Personal Trainer Business

Helping people work toward their fitness goals and become healthier versions of themselves is rewarding. Empowering people and being part of a journey of transformation can be humbling. However, most personal trainer business plans involve working with clients one at a time. That’s fine if you’re just starting a business as a personal trainer.

However, if you’re an experienced and knowledgeable fitness instructor who has worked to build your clientele but has maxed out the number of clients you can reasonably help in the one-on-one business model, there’s good news!

Operating a fitness franchise can be the next step toward scaling your business to the next level.

How can you enhance the benefits of your personal trainer business for both you and your clients?

Not many fitness instructors consider the franchise route when starting their own personal trainer business. They start small, building their client roster into the time they have in a day to work one-on-one, and then stop there.

However, operating a personal trainer business at the franchise level offers two distinct benefits.

Client Benefit: Cost is a Fraction of the One-on-One Cost

In the group setting of a fitness franchise like RiseUp Fitness, where our members are immersed in community support from the beginning, the client cost is a fraction of the expense of a personal trainer.

They still receive approximately 95% of the level of attention in our group atmosphere that they’d receive in a personal trainer setting, but they pay only a fraction of the cost. In addition, they have access to MyZone trackers, which provide real-time feedback on heart rate, calories burned, and intensity levels during the workout.

Combined with the support of the group members, clients don’t miss a thing from choosing the RiseUp Fitness class model over a personal trainer for a one-on-one appointment. In fact, many of our members report feeling more motivated than ever after taking a RiseUp Fitness class.

Fitness Instructor Benefit: Generate More Revenue

For the fitness instructor to scale up their personal trainer business into a fully operational fitness franchise in this way, the revenue potential outstrips the hourly revenue the old training model provides with one-on-one clients.

That’s because each class has more members included and takes less than an hour to conduct. It works because it multiplies the number of people a single fitness instructor can help at one time. No personal trainer who works one-on-one can match the hourly revenues the RiseUp Fitness classes generate without charging such exorbitant rates that only the wealthy can afford to hire them. Such a personal trainer business model would severely limit the number of people that a trainer could help, which is the opposite of the rewarding intent the profession is trying to spread.

What advantages does the RiseUp Fitness franchise technology offer?

We briefly touched on our technology tools as a supplemental aid to assist our fitness instructors and give class members added information about their workouts so they feel 100% supported.

MyZone Wearables

Client workouts at RiseUp Fitness include MyZone wearables that give back instant information on heart rate, calories burned, and effort expended. Wearers get a real-time look at their intensity levels so they can put more effort in where necessary and maintain maximum output without risking harm or overdoing it.

InBody Scans

In addition, members have access to InBody Scanning technology. Scans provide detailed information on body composition1, which breaks the number on the scale down into 4 components:

  • Fat
  • Protein
  • Minerals
  • Body water

Fitness instructors can use this information to tailor workouts for members far better than outdated BMI numbers or scale weights could ever provide. Over time, InBody scans can also show changes in fat percentages and improvements to lean muscle mass and overall body fat.





Exploring Key Inquiries About RiseUp Fitness Franchise Opportunities

How do I start a personal trainer business?

    • Answer: to start a personal trainer business with RiseUp Fitness, explore franchise opportunities on our website and receive comprehensive support for location selection, marketing, and operations.
  2. What qualifications do I need to become a personal trainer?
    • Answer: To become a personal trainer with RiseUp Fitness, certification from NASM or ACE and a passion for fitness are essential, backed by ongoing training and support.

What are the best marketing strategies for a personal trainer business?

    • Answer: RiseUp Fitness franchisees employ effective marketing strategies such as social media, community events, referrals, and local partnerships for maximum impact.


Owning a RiseUp Fitness Franchise

Investing in a RiseUp Fitness franchise may be more affordable than it sounds, given the amazing benefits the brand offers.

The initial investment estimate ranges between just $233,683 to $359,427, which includes a $50,000 franchise fee.

New franchise owners can expect incredible support, too. After all, a personal trainer business is a business founded on supporting people through their transformation journey!

Franchisees Can Expect Success In the Personal Training Business

  • Comprehensive training at our California flagship location and on-site at your studio for a stellar grand opening and start.
  • Guidance on site selection using demographic data to give your studio its best chance. Then build-out guidance will make your RiseUp Fitness studio everything it can be for the community.
  • Technology tools aren’t just for members! Our software systems help you run the administrative side smoothly so you can concentrate on your members and expand.
  • Documentation resources like our confidential operations manual will ensure your daily operations procedures are at your fingertips whenever needed.
  • Unparalleled marketing support, including our proprietary processes for bringing in new members with resources and scripts to help close membership sales, improve sign-up rates, and keep your studio growing.

Personal trainer businesses are a vital piece of the fitness world, but they don’t scale well for entrepreneurs who desire to help more than the handful of clients they can schedule one-on-one.

Are you ready to RiseUp and take your fitness instruction to a whole new level? Contact us and see what it takes to become the next RiseUp Fitness franchise owner! Take charge of your future today!

1 Source: “What is Body Composition?” InBodyUSA.com